Here at Holiday Dance Studio, we teach all kinds of partnership dances and more!

As affiliates of TC Dance International, we teach private and group lessons  for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in social dance, performance. Whether you are dancing for fun, exercise, an upcoming wedding, trip or event, we at Holiday Dance Studio will have you and your partner gliding on that dance floor faster than you think!

Members are singles and couples, people of all ages,  and professions. They all love learning to dance socially and participating in our social dance events.  This is a great place to meet the nicest people in Albuquerque!

You can choose from a wide variety of dances including Swing, Waltz, Country Two-Step, Tango, Salsa, Foxtrot and more! Let us help you spice up weddings, cruises, or holidays abroad and learn to dance!

Holiday Dance Studio not only provides excellent dance instruction, we also provide a place to dance every Friday night for couples and singles in a welcoming and elegant environment with our three beautiful floating dance floors. Our Professionals are knowledgeable and friendly.  Give us a call to schedule your first complimentary lesson for first time dancers and start enjoying the many benefits of dance today!

Mission Statement

At Holiday Dance Studio, our goal is to provide our members with the skills to dance to any music, anywhere, with anyone while having a roaring good time.

The Next Big Thing!

Starting June 1st, private lessons are prerequisites for group classes more advanced than Newcomer Classes. Our more accomplished members are now prepared for further rigorous programs. Opportunities for individualized programs with one-on-one instruction are included in memberships as well as group classes appropriate for each student’s level of achievement. Friday Night Parties will continue to be open to the public for $15 per person.