Celebrate Dance!

We have changed the verbiage from beginner lessons to foundational lessons. The reason is, as a teacher of dance, I want our more advanced members to keep a connection to the foundation of their dancing. Foundational classes include elementary figures and elementary foundation technique that continues on throughout your dance journey. By providing foundational classes, we are providing a practice opportunity to ingrain foundational concepts that will carry out throughout your dance experience from the beginning until you become a seasoned dancer. In other words, good body mechanics like lead and follow, frame, swing and sway, Latin motion, rise and fall does not begin in "silver" and "gold" dancing - it starts from the foundational lessons. I highly encourage all levels of dancers to participate regularly at the foundational level to solidify a good foundational understanding of partnering and smooth movement. Experts are created through practice of the fundamentals. Repetition is the mother of skill.



Joey Hudson, the President and co-director of Holiday Dance Studio, took a moment to speak with Top Rated Local regarding this exemplary dance studio’s online reputation.

If you ask Joey, the difference between Holiday Dance Studio and other dance studios in the area is more than just the classes themselves — it’s the atmosphere the Holiday Dance Studio team creates. He said, “We operate like a family store, we make sure everyone feels welcome when they walk in the door, nobody comes in unnoticed, we give lots of hugs! We like our customers and we make sure to let them know. We work hard to make it an inviting environment. We aren’t pretentious! We keep everything very easygoing.”

While speaking with Joey, it became abundantly clear that the secret to his studio’s success has a lot to do with their ability to differentiate themselves from other dance studios in the area.“Our model with our staff is that we have to be different....